Finally, administrative controls with no strings attached. Many solutions offer customization – but many times those customizations come with a price tag attached. Using InsuraSeek as an Insurance or Financial Services Manager, you have office administrative controls that don’t hit your budget. Here are some of the features that appeal to Managers looking to optimize their hiring process:


Customized Reporting
Every data point in InsuraSeek can be captured and report on using InsuraSeek. Looking to create a few reports that help you accurately track the progress of your Insurance sourcing, interviewing and hiring? You can create a library of reports right from your desktop – in minutes.

Full Centralized Candidate Access
No more waiting for resumes. View candidate resume content, tracking details and notes with manager access to the application. View candidates according to where they are in your hiring process flow. Provide quick and simple feedback to the recruiter – all from one application. Centralized communication saves critical management time when everyone is working from the same interface.

Candidate Self-Scheduling
Prearrange scheduled interview days and times and your recruiters can invite candidates to schedule themselves for their interview based on an Internet calendar of pre-established days and times. Candidates find a convenient date and time, schedule and all linked parties receive notifications and reminders. 

Quick Contact LookUp
Locate any contact, or candidate retrieved in your product suite through the LookUp feature.Type in a few letters and InsuraSeek provides search results including contact location, email address and a direct link to their detailed profile.

Customizable Privacy Settings
Control the security and privacy of your data by establishing viewing and editing rights for all of your users. InsuraSeek administrative settings give you incredible ownership over your company’s data, application fields, detail views and team access.

Calendar Prioritization
Block out designated interview times to assist your team with scheduling your interviews.  Get timely candidate event reminders and manage your professional calendar using InsuraSeek.

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