InsuraSeek’s design and features are based on the insight and collaborative engagement of Insurance professionals. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received about this industry sourcing solution: 


S. G., Regional Administrator, Major Supplemental Insurance Company

“We’ve seen great improvement in a few critical areas: increase in the number of resumes sourced, number of inquiries about position and the number of interviews conducted.  The structured keywords work wonders for our business process, they are effective in producing quality candidates with the right background. I receive a lot of feedback from our coordinators who have been really impressed with the candidates we’re sending to them. We’re seeing candidates from the exact areas we recruit from. Bulk email has provided tremendous improvement in the number of prospects we have calling in. In addition to the volume of candidates we find through search, we have so much volume from from candidates reaching out to us before we even call to inquire with them! My inbox every day is full.” 

R.B., Executive Vice President, Major Life Insurance Company

“Resource Edge’s product InsuraSeek simplifies the task of pulling resumes from websites and enables automatic follow-up with qualified candidates through a drip-email marketing campaign. Once searches are established, the “set it and forget it” functionality automatically brings back resumes and sends out email to candidates. This product is easy to use, a great value for the price. InsuraSeek has provided a consistent weekly flow of candidates.”

A. L., Regional Administrator, Major Supplemental Insurance Company

“The automated bulk feature gets people calling in, and most of the people who call in usually book an appointment. In fact, we find we can book the people calling in from a bulk email campaign faster than the candidates we have to call and schedule. The bulk email gets people actively calling and scheduling. Our reports have shown that since using InsuraSeek we’ve increased the number of interview we conduct, we’ve experienced a higher volume of candidates overall, and we’ve experienced a shorter time to fill positions.”

D. B., Agency Development Manager, Major Supplemental Insurance Company

“In the past, we used a big long spreadsheet to see who we needed to contact, who needed to be followed up with, or advanced into the next stage of recruiting. This process would literally take hours a day to manage. Now with automated recruitment marketing, automated search, reminders and the organization of candidates, I know at every moment where my candidates are in the hiring process. InsuraSeek has literally saved my life.” 

K.M., Marketing Administrator, Major Life Insurance Company

“The InsuraSeek product takes about 30 minutes for you to contact 300 potential applicants. It has proven to be a challenge to keep up with all the email contact and telephone calls from the automated campaigns!”

E.S., Recruiter/Trainer, Major Property & Casualty Insurance Company

“I have been using InsuraSeek since October of 2012. I have been extremely pleased with the results. I receive anywhere from 10 to 30 email responses a day from individuals InsuraSeek has contacted through the email marketing campaigns.”

D.O., Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, Major Property & Casualty Insurance Company

“One day’s work of manually searching CareerBuilder can be accomplished in 30 minutes using InsuraSeek. Many of our other top offices around the country are also now investing in it.”

R.S., Recruiting Director, Major Life Insurance Company

“I love InsuraSeek! I don’t know how I lived without it before. Not only have I had more responses from applicants, it has also helped me to keep track of where they are at in the hiring process. InsuraSeek also sends the applicant a emails as a friendly reminders of their upcoming interview. I feel more accomplished and organized, and it is helping our office get the qualified hires we need!”


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