Business Management

Centralize and consolidate any business lifecycle. The choice is yours.
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A custom lifecycle for every business process.

Centralize all the key aspects of your business with the InsuraSeek CRM product. Every aspect of your business has a workflow – the lifecycle you use to manage a process from start to finish. Customize workflows for your recruiting process, sales pipeline, claims management and more. InsuraSeek provides 100% customization that allows you to organize your product based on the way you do business.

Sales Prospects

Create a custom lead pipeline to identify and organize solid leads and organize events, calls, presentations, proposals and all the critical appointments that turn leads into sales.


Closing the deal begins a new relationship as the lead transitions from a client. Use InsuraSeek to create and automate important accounts activities like quarterly and annual reviews, referrals and check ins that help to preserve that important customer relationship and open the doors to more business.



Managing and tracking multiple policies for your clients is simple with InsuraSeek. Track and pipeline policy events, schedule meetings and see centralized policy details for any client any time you need it.


Claims Management

Review and track claims associated with policies in your system. No matter how detailed or simplified your process may be, InsuraSeek can be configured to accommodate all of the events, communications and steps you want to build into claims tracking and generation.

Smart Associations

Powerful associations allow you to see, within one convenient view, all associated records for any type of record. For example, from an Account record you can quickly view associated contacts, leads, policies, claims and any other record type you choose.