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A good job posting strategy is automated, personalized and efficient.

Post your jobs to hundreds of locations using our job posting tools. Use InsuraSeek to post your jobs and you can do the following:

  • Create custom branded application pages
  • Automate confirmation messages
  • Automate alerts when a new candidate applies
  • Receive applicants directly in InsuraSeek
  • Delete and renew postings
  • Eliminate need for 3rd party job posting utility

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Smart Job Posting Bundles

The “Quick Post” Job Bundle allows you to combine your job posting, job email promotion, and resume retrieval all in one powerful step. With this package, you can post your job to free web destinations and many premium job sites and we will automatically send up to 1000 invitations to apply to your job online and download up to 1000 search criteria matched resumes a month into your InsuraSeek product. Candidates comes directly back to your search results for easy pipeline management.

Social Network Job Sharing

Get proactive with your search by creating branded job web pages that you can share across your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and anywhere you can share a hyperlink. Candidates come back to InsuraSeek just like Job Posting applicants.