Marketing & Communication

Bulk email campaigns, communication libraries and pre-set emails and texts to skyrocket your productivity.
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Personalized Bulk Email Marketing

InsuraSeek Cloud provides spam-free clean email technology that walks you through building a compelling drip marketing campaign that reaches each prospect you return from a premium search for up to one year. Communications are scheduled to go out on pre-set intervals while our white list email servers ensure that each message bypasses the spam folder and avoids being stuck behind an email firewall.

Communities – Vertical Market Campaigns

With the Communities feature running and organizing searches based on your target vertical markets for prospecting, auto bulk email campaigns set up to support those communities. Each community gets its own campaign with language tailored for that market – to increase your odds of connecting with prospects with a unique selling proposition that speaks directly to their experience.

Free Campaign Assistance

InsuraSeek helps you ensure strong deliverability and open rates in 3 ways:

1. Whitelist email server to ensure your campaigns make it safely past your client’s spam filters and into their inbox – where they belong. 2. Built-in campaign development tools that guide you through creating content that avoids spam filters. 3. Free consultation with you to help you craft content that can help you capture the interest of your target market.

Automated Reminders

When scheduling an event like a phone call or interview in InsuraSeek, automated event reminders and follow up communications can be scheduled to make sure you never miss an opportunity to leave an impression with your prospects.

Communications and associated tasks can be pre-built so your administrative activity is virtually non-existent.

Communication Libraries

Stop cutting and pasting email and SMS text message templates. With communication libraries, you can quickly select commonly used communications with just a click of the mouse. A library of templates will save you hours of time week after week as you interact with dozens of candidates every day.


500 FREE SMS Texts Every Month

Help eliminate no-shows with our text messaging feature available in the sales and recruiting InsuraSeek platforms.