Prospect Management

Customize your candidate lifecycle and minimize the margin for error.
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Prospect Pipelines = Profit. Protect your bottom line.

Once you have an active, full candidate pipeline, keeping up with all of the tasks, appointments, communications, deadlines and events can prove to be a major exercise in memory and coordination. Human error is, well, human. Smart customization of your recruitment stages through the hiring lifecycle can save you time and preserve positive relationships with your top prospects. Automating all the activities you can will reduce the risk of human error. InsuraSeek’s customization capability is virtually limitless.



Custom Lifecycle Stages

Clearly defined stages of your process will help you ensure your prospects can be easily located by their status, scheduled follow up points and associated tasks.  Customization extends to fields within your records, record types, views, events, document types and more – to ensure your lifecycle can match your process perfectly.



Making sure everyone on your team is following the same steps through your process means better reporting and increased productivity. By customizing the actions and requirements associated with stages in your process, we can ensure that once you establish a pipeline – that pipeline can’t be skipped or altered.


Activity Tracking

Automated tracking in InsuraSeek allows you to review the entire history of a candidate, prospect, job and any other record type in your product. Tracking includes all tasks, emails, reminders, status changes, follow up points and all the touch points captured in your process.


Document Storage

Collect and associate important documents across your records. Store answers to pre-qualification surveys, cover letters, reference details or whatever documentation you need to associate with a record type through your process.


Permission & Roles

Establish User roles and permission settings to limit access to record types, features, controls and reports.