Juggling thousands of Insurance or Financial Service lead sources and candidates has never been easier.


What if you could:

Schedule Automatic Resume Searches:  
Search over 2200 resumes sites within minutes

Automate Search Logic with over 10,000 Pre-Built Search Strings: 
Access over 10,000 industry specific Boolean search strings designed to locate Insurance and Financial Service candidates daily

Search Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+:  
Expand your search efforts to include millions of online personal and professional profiles

Search by Zip Code Radius:
Eliminate searching outside of your geographic area. Run thousands of Insurance tailored automated search strings with in a “1 mile” radius around all zip codes you are responsible for

Build Effective “Spam-Proof” Candidate Recruitment Campaigns:
Our whitelist server guarantees your email makes it successfully to your candidate’s inbox. Our innovative email builder tool walks you through the best-practices of email marketing as you create your campaigns, to ensure that email doesn’t get flagged by email service providers thereby increasing your success rate on your recruitment campaigns!

Have Candidates Call YOU:
Automatically initiate recruitment emails at the point of candidate retrieval, get candidates contacting YOU before you can contact them

Manage Your Entire Hiring Process from ONE Product:
From the first call to interview, to licensing, through to hiring, eliminate people from falling through the cracks.

Automate Your Candidate Marketing:
Candidates get automatically emailed job descriptions  introducing your business/job opportunity with no time or effort on your part.

Seamlessly Schedule Events with the Auto Scheduler: 
Schedule interviews and manage contacts through your entire office/organization. With prearranged interview days, allow candidates to self-schedule through a convenient online calendar.

Would that make your life easier? That’s only just some of what InsuraSeek Search can do to enhance your productivity. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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